Monthly Archives: April 2015

Year Three of Daily Blogging

Well, I think there’s been a heavenly hand in this… me, starting my third year of consecutive daily blogs? I’m chronically ill and frankly, just not that clever.

A few weeks ago I asked the Lord whether we’d be carrying on after the Garden of God’s Heart. He showed me a picture of an empty vase, seen from above, waiting to be filled with flowers. Each day there will be freshness: fresh blooms, fresh colours and fragrance, given to bring God glory. A blank page every day for him to fill with a new seeing. Well, this too was the way with year one, passed on in prayer every day like dew. So today we start Fresh Mercies. The first entry is up and was given in the form of a parable. Maybe there will be one every morning, or maybe it will be a poem or a prayer, or a picture I have to paint in words. I don’t know yet. Finding out will be half the fun. Enjoy!

Oh – and if you are wondering why day one comes on April 2nd, it’s just that’s the day we started in 2013. Perhaps it tickles the Lord’s funny bone that we end on April Fool’s Day, but I think maybe beginnings work best in the springtime. 🙂