127: Shore


Sit here and shore up, lotus-like, suspended on the cusp of reality, on the tide-line, the meeting place. Open your eyes to the hand full of rasping grains, how many are there? A beach full of Abraham’s descendants, a palm crossed in gold. Hold and desist from your counting, your measuring, your feeble attempts to understand. Simply let go and settle as the sand flows through your fingers, knowing everything that floats here to you on the waves is gifted. Everything is welcome, for a lifetime or a moment, each piece of jetsam has its place and purpose. Sit with open hands, lifted, open mind, waiting, open heart, ready to receive.

Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2015




2 thoughts on “127: Shore

  1. Oh, Keren, you have done it again and penned a simply beautiful, profound piece of writing! There is much to think about here. I LOVE it all, and the gorgeous personal painting accompanying your words. I’m in awe of God’s gifts in you. Thank you, friend. Xx ❤

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    1. Oh Joy, you are such a powerful encourager, thank you. I am writing these short pieces out of my prayer times, so I am thrilled if something of what I am given is tangible for others as well. xx


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