BOOK LAUNCH and other news…



Dear All,

First off, my apologies for going fairly quiet. We’ve had all kinds of manure hitting the fan over here and it’s been all about just waiting till things have settled down…  but though I’ve been quiet, I’ve not been idle.

WHALE SONG: Choosing Life with Jonah, my new book, is out today! Do have a mooch on or

to check it out and see if it might be for you. You can also find my book Positive Sisterhood there, as well as download my ebook Christian Prayers for the World for free.

Advent begins tomorrow along with a new series here on my blog, contemplating the names of Jesus.  And in the New Year we will be starting something completely different. At the moment that is called “In the Slow Lane” and will be a thought for the day, possibly featuring my favourite mystics, snails.

Thanks for sticking with me, and Advent blessings to you all!


Keren x



One thought on “BOOK LAUNCH and other news…

  1. Dear Keren, please don’t worry about being missing here for a while, because we all need those quiet spaces in which to recoup and recover needful energy, soak in God’s presence and receive fresh inspiration. And you have also used your time mightily in writing a new book. Well done, you!! I’ve added it to my ‘Wish List’ and hope someone purchases it for me! I’ll be praying for you as you take on extra writing activities. May you be able to pace and pause sometimes as well. Abundant blessings for the Advent season, lovely creative friend. xo ❤


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