28. Raindrops (sense of wonder)


A little out of focus, but to me, that just makes them look more like the photo was taken through a blur of tears, which is appropriate since the water drops look like tears on the branches. Even something that reminds us of sadness can be a source of awe, as we meditate on the miracle of water, of emotions, of the freeing, healing grace that can be poured out if the sky really cries.

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


1 thought on “28. Raindrops (sense of wonder)

  1. Keren, I love your take on glistening raindrops clinging to branch, just as we cling hard to the Branch of our belonging. And I can see how the skies shedding rain might be a sign of God’s poured out sympathy and compassion, His ache to comfort and relieve us of our sorrow, sadness and pain. I also marvel at your gift of seeing the marvellous in the mundane. Thank you! xo 💜


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