34. Crumbs, chief! (hope)


Yesterday my two nearest and dearest went out and brought me back this little fella. It gave me a smile, and reassured me as well of my worth in the world. I am not a great sidekick, I am, like Penfold, a worrier, an anxious desk-jockey who wouldn’t even be able to drive the Mouse-mobile. But because Penfold is friends with Dangermouse, he’ll be okay. DM wants his friend around, despite his obvious weaknesses.

And that’s kind of how it feels with God. I’m no real use to him, to be honest, but “wherever there is danger, he’ll be there,” and I can be a little mole in thick glasses who doesn’t do much but get scared, and still he wants me for a partner in his work. That gives me hope.

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017

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