42. Wall (hope)


My parents are moving, and recently brought me up the last lot of my belongings that I’d stashed in their loft after my divorce. Some are from my schooldays, and one box is so old that it has “Produce of W. Germany” printed on it. It is rather apposite that it is falling to bits.

There is a lot of talk about building walls at the moment, and one wonders if the human race has regressed rather. It is good to remember the joy that we all felt in 1989 when the Berlin Wall began to crumble, both literally and figuratively, and the German people rushed at it with glee and tore it to pieces from both sides, beginning a new era, restoring an old union. My hope is that such restoration will always triumph over the borders and stone walls that are set up between “us” and “them.”

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


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