50. Buds (potential)


The magnolia tree in our garden started growing this Spring’s buds in November. It does that, holds everything inside. The ones that dared to start opening during the winter have gone brown on the inside, killed by frost and impatience. But most of them have held on, waiting for the right time to bloom, and knowing still, that it is not yet here. But bloom they will, for two short weeks, in the earliest warmth, and those flowers will be stunningly beautiful. I wonder if they know that.

Perhaps, for them, held closed, zipped up for so long, sensing those brave enough to open have died, they feel the time will never come for their freedom. Perhaps their hope is waning now. But from outside, where the seeing is easier, we can look at them and tell they are going to be flowers, that all that constricted energy will burst out soon in a heartachingly exquisite display of pale pink.

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017

4 thoughts on “50. Buds (potential)

  1. perfect timing for me to read. which is the point – that God has His perfect timing to make things happen even when we get a little frustrated with the waiting its worth it for the beauty He is preparing . Thank you x


    1. I am so glad it was helpful to you. Likewise, your finding this and leaving a comment on a day when I am feeling especially sick and useless, is a God-timed encouragement to me. Thank you and God bless x


  2. very helpful – I thought God had asked me to do something but as I stepped out some years ago although I had a yes it became a no and i havent understood why. Recently God brought it up again and my struggle has been ‘well I got it wrong before’ He’s been encouraging me it was timing not the task and that the time is now for the full promise to blossom . then here this as confirmation of excatly what He’s been saying.
    peace to you-every cell of your body coming into alignment of healing and Life Jesus has and gives to you. xx

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    1. Thank you. That is wonderful – I’ve had the same thing happen to me in my own life. And thank you for your blessing. Healing and Life would be just the ticket right now! Do feel free to connect with me on Facebook if you’d like.


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