54. Ceiling (potential)


Today I am still struggling, and perhaps daftly, decided to rework the cover of my upcoming book, Garden of God’s Heart (I wasn’t happy with the proof copy) from within a haze of painkillers. So, I am now awaiting the second proof. I stare up at my ceiling, from my castle made of duvet, and wonder whether I am about to break through a ceiling, or is one about to fall upon me? Ventures in life can go either way. Almost everything we do has the potential for disaster or success. We are supposed to treat them both the same, as the imposters they are, of course. I’m still working on that. But as with all my creations, it’s given to God. So, whether the next copy looks just right, or if I have to tweak it some more, whether it sells to a few people or lots, I know I put my heart and soul into it for the Lord, and he is in charge of the rest.

I remember too, whilst ceiling gazing, how I used to be so desperate to kill the time, and distract myself from the pain, that I would begin counting the peaks in the Artex. Are they stalactites? Or the surface of a strange planet? When my house was a complete tip, due to zero energy, I would think, well, at least my ceilings are tidy. That’s one surface in each room. If there’s one thing this illness has taught me, it’s the power of looking at things in a different way…..

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


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