59. Potential


So, we have spent the past fortnight looking at how to see with potential in mind. It has shown us that whilst some things have an obvious potential, like a bud or a seed, other things are less obvious in showing us what they might turn out to be. Some things can go either way, having, like us and our actions, the potential for good or harm. Some things that seem as though they might be wonderful, end up a mess, and others that seem like nothing much can come of them become truly awe-inspiring. When looking at something, we need to hold that spectrum of potential in balance. Holding space around a paradox is difficult, but more and more I think it is part of spiritual maturity.

What’s more, spotting that potential is also part of a new kind of seeing, if we are looking for it. I picked up the book pictured in the local library on a rare trip out of the house, simply because the cover was so unbelievably drab, that I thought, the insides must be either amazing, or dull too! And my hopes were rewarded, as I have now discovered a wondrous writer I had never heard of before. I did judge a book by its cover, but not the way that the world usually does, and it paid off.

Throughout Lent we shall be continuing to look at new sight, but for the whole time on one theme, that of empathy, especially, how we can look at things through the eyes of another, rather than solely through our own.

N.B. I shall no longer be posting on a Sunday (I have posted, but not written on a Sunday this year, but even bloggers need a breathing space) and it will keep Lent to the traditional forty days.

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


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