70. Shopaholic (Empathy, Lent 11)

70 pixabay shopping-2115218__340

I used to enjoy shopping, occasionally. It’s been a very long time since I had any energy or money to spare on it, and even if I had those two things, I don’t think I’d be drawn to it as a leisure activity. I am no minimalist, our house is cluttered enough, although one never has enough books, naturally. But how does someone who does shopping as a hobby, feel about it, and why?

I love having a new outfit, there isn’t a person, maybe especially a woman, alive who doesn’t. It makes you feel all special, like you’ve been made clean, born again, yes, that’s it, it’s a kind of baptism! You can be an improved version of yourself. And then there is all the fun of finding the right accessories, and the thrill of trying out new gadgets for the home. My other half loves finding new things for the kitchen, I love my power tools. They are always improving things, aren’t they? And we want to have the best, easiest life we can. Why not? The older stuff goes to the charity shop and I get to enjoy selling bits on Ebay too. Win win. What else would I do, sit at home and watch tv?

Photo from Pixabay. Text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


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