71. Ethiopian (Empathy, Lent 12)



We sponsor a child who lives in Ethiopia. M’s life is so different from ours, not just because of where she lives, but also because she is a different generation to us. We don’t keep up with her as much as we ought to, but from the occasional correspondence we have built up a picture of how her life differs from ours.

I live with my mother and my grandmother. My mother is sick with the illness so many people here have. My father left because of it a long time ago. He lives in the city but he does not send money like some of the other fathers. Me and my brothers and my grandmother look after my mother and the chickens. They are funny to watch, the way they run! I like to sit and watch animals and people, but I don’t get much chance to. I like to play football, but most of the time I am doing chores and going to the school project.

At my project we learn English, maths, and other boring but useful things we will need when we are grown up. When I am grown up I will earn money for my family. I change my mind about what I would like to do. Sometimes I think I will be a nurse and sometimes a hairdresser. I think I would really like to be an artist, but that would not buy medicine.

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017 (photo changed to protect M’s identity)


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