76. Chancer (Empathy, Lent 17)

76 chancer

Much like gamblers, people who chance their arms at things, tell wild fibs or exaggerate, are beyond my understanding. I am painfully trusting and naïve most of the time, and chancers, bounders and charmers find me an easy target. I AM learning, but I’m slow. But where does all that bravado come from?

The thing is, most of the world is a fabric of lies or hyperbole anyway. Nothing is really what it seems. So, adding a few twists here and there isn’t really going to hurt anyone. If it helps me get what I want, so much the better. If people believe I’m rich or clever, educated or confident, when I’m none of those things, they’ll treat me far better than if they knew the truth. Sometimes I even believe my own hokum, and the small, insignificant person at the centre disappears and I can really be free to live a fantasy of success. And often enough, that success comes. No-one is interested in you if you are depressed or needy or you aren’t already on the up. Chance your arm a bit and you’ll be surprised what falls in your lap. You don’t win them all, but you win enough. The truth is a very pliable thing, what’s the harm in moulding it a little?

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


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