78. Telltale (Empathy, 19)

78 telltale

Okay, I admit, as someone who was a goody-two-shoes at school I do have a little empathy already on this one. Being faultless at school was all about fear, I was terrified of being told off. But I don’t recall ever “dobbing” anyone in, as we called it then. Well, only myself. I was always saying everything was my fault. But what moves someone, particularly an adult, to be a “grass?”

Got to help the system work properly, and it can’t do that whilst people are continually breaking the rules. Cruel to be kind really. Plus why should I slog away and burn myself out trying to make ends meet as an honest, hardworking citizen, when other people are just lazing around and living on handouts? Course I’m going to let someone know. That’s what the authorities are for. It’s the same as saying about a dodgy bloke who lives in your road. You suspect he’s dealing drugs, you tell the police. It’s obvious, isn’t it? And if someone at work is fiddling, I’ll have a quiet word with the management. Can’t be doing with that. Rules are there for a reason, to keep us all safe, to keep the world bang to rights. I’ve lost friends of course, colleagues don’t talk to me much, my neighbours are polite, but cold. It’s a price worth paying, to keep the cogs of society turning as they should. I’m doing my bit.

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


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