82. Skydiver (Empathy, Lent 23)

82 dandelion-463928_1920 by blixpixel pixabay

My idea of risk is to try getting out of the bath unaided, so extreme sports aren’t really something on my radar. Even if I were well, I am very emotionally attached to terra firma, so there simply isn’t enough money in the world to get me to get on an aeroplane and then launch myself from it. But I would like to understand the people this appeals to…

I always dream of being a bird, the swooping and diving, the control, the feel of air underneath wings, this catches at something deep in my soul. So to feel something akin to that fantasy by falling safely to earth from heaven, to be so high up that you are passing through cloud, seeing the ground for miles and miles, the air so clear and exhilarating, this is really out of this world. That’s it really, that it is a cosmic experience. It is not the thrill of the danger, though that also appeals, but the fact that I am feeling the way an eagle does when it hovers high above its prey, or like meteor fragments hurtling towards earth. It is indescribably amazing. I can’t understand anyone who doesn’t want to experience that!

Photo from Pixabay, text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


2 thoughts on “82. Skydiver (Empathy, Lent 23)

  1. Ha! I tell my daredevil friends that I am saving the skydiving experience till I really need it; i.e. escaping the falling plane. Why ruin the thrill now? If I feel the need to scare myself, I can cross an intersection during rush hour.

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