83. Comfortable Christian (Empathy, Lent 24)

83. comfortable pixabay

Now this really is a toughie for me. I am an all or nothing person, and God is the reason I do anything, even breathe, and yet looking back over my life I can see that he had to woo me to this point. I did not arrive here easily. It is understandable that this richest of all relationships takes time to develop. It’s not that I struggle with, but rather, those who stall at a certain point, where they convince themselves (or are convinced by a comfortable Church) that Christianity is a coffee club – a lunching union, a convenient crèche, and that God is going to make their life easy. This is a mind set I’m not even sure I want to visit, but I feel I should, to try to understand.

Church is great. I sing songs and feel loved, and put my hands in the air like I see other people doing, and my heart feels warmed when I’ve been worshipping. The music is really good here and we’re free to release our giftings, speaking in tongues and waving banners and dancing. All the children run around and feel loved. For an hour and a half in my week no-one is scowling or making me feel like I don’t belong. My spouse and kids are all dressed up nice and behaving. God is good. I have all I need, friends and fellowship. I try to be good in the rest of my life, I tithe. It’s the least I can do to repay that love. I am given so much, food for thought, a family around me, a centre I can hold onto.

Photo from Pixabay, text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


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