87. Show Off (Empathy, Lent 28)

87 show off pixabaymodel-395574_1280

I hate being the centre of attention. If I ever actually became successful at what I do, I’d have to continue to hide away. No after-dinner speeches for me (not likely due to my ill health anyhow)! I can understand that all of us feed on attention, but it’s hard for me to get those who actively seek out that centre place by acting up or playing the clown, revelling in being the centre of things. What might that look like from the other side?

I get so bored listening to other people, it’s so much more fun to be the one talking, and even if I say so myself, more interesting. I have a lot to say, talents to share, I’m the life and soul of the party. What’s wrong with that? Someone has to be the loud and lary one, and I love it. All eyes fixed on me and I can keep control of the situation. I can feel loved and popular, and my low self-esteem rockets. Attention was in short supply at home, so if I can heal that wound and entertain people I like at the same time, why not?

Photo from Pixabay, text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017

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