90. Beater (Empathy, Lent 31)

90 pheasant-2105495_1280

I’m totally anti-hunting. I hate all blood sports with a passion. I don’t think enjoying killing things is a healthy way to be. But even on this, are there two sides? Is there another way of looking at it through different eyes to mine? As a vegetarian of course, the argument changes, but how might meat eaters who help with the shooting of grouse, pheasant and other game birds justify what they do?

It is better to kill and eat birds this way than to rear them in a barn all squashed in so tight they can’t even move. I guess the shooters and the dogs certainly enjoy themselves, and the birds don’t really suffer, not like those supermarket chickens. People who criticise are happy to point the finger but don’t think it through. This is an old and noble profession, people have always hunted and nothing goes to waste. This is how the land works, how the countryside makes its way. Such is life.

text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017 photo from Pixabay


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