116. Bert and Ernie (Humour 3)


This is the fabulous Cubist painting my talented husband did (without working from any photos) of two of our favourite characters from Sesame Street. I absolutely love it! Taking something familiar and reworking it using another cultural style or vision is something we can only do with a very free and wide-ranging imagination. To merge two such different references tickles us, it is humorous precisely because it is so original and so unlikely a combination, as well as because something for children’s entertainment isn’t usually given a highbrow treatment.

In this way, we see humour, imagination and juxtaposition all contributing to our seeing – even as onlookers rather than as the artist. Similarly, just as this gives us an insight into Rowan’s inner world, we can find ourselves learning more about God’s character and thought processes when we see his creativity all around us. Can you really declare God without humour once you have seen a duck-billed platypus or watched a bird balancing on one leg? And doesn’t he very often tickle our funny bone by dressing up fools as kings?

text and photo © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017 Artwork copyright R R Wyatt, used with permission.

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