127. Troll (Humour conclusions)


This is a pastel picture I did outside last summer, incorporating the weeds growing through the cracks in our patio. When we are using our contemplative sight or creative imagination with the goal of creating laughter, we are doing a good thing. I maintain that it is my sense of humour that has been one of the most vital spiritual weapons in my faith life. It helps me especially with my chronic illness and disability, and friends I’ve spoken to who’ve been or are going through tough things, say the same, that it is often humour that has got them through it. It is also one of the tools in our contemplative toolbox. We can apply it to almost anything we see, if we are using the right eyes. And it is also a help in keeping ego under control, bursting the bubbles of pride. It does us good to be self-deprecating with our sense of humour once in a while and remember that we too, can be laughable things.

Next up, we shall be looking at light.

text and photo © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017

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