149. Unexpected Beauty (Aesthetics 8)

cup of tea

When I manage to get out into my tiny garden I expect to encounter beautiful things. I know there will be sky and green, flowers and insects. Most of the photographs in this blog are taken outside. But I am less expectant of finding loveliness indoors. Everything is so familiar and unchanging, and with finite possibilities. But from time to time a small thing will cause me to catch my breath in wonder, and the more I challenge my own seeing (as writing this blog has helped me, and I hope, you, to do) the more often it happens. A small rainbow circle on the wall from the light refracting through the spyhole in the front door. The pinkness of my cat’s nose. The colours in my pastel boxes, waiting to be unleashed on unsuspecting paper. The love in my husband’s eyes. And this photo, which is of tea in a glass cup, a beautiful thing.

text and photo © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


3 thoughts on “149. Unexpected Beauty (Aesthetics 8)

  1. Keren, I love how you are seeing things and glimpsing wonder everywhere. It’s uplifting and life affirming. It’s a recognition of God’s grace pervading the everyday. It’s beauty beyond the obvious. Thank you! xo 😊💜

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