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Welcome to Fresh Mercies! This is a Christian  blog written by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt with a different format each year. It has included poetic prose, short fables and words from God as well as encouragements from Scripture. It is usually updated daily, but currently having a more spontaneous relationship with posts whilst Keren takes some time here and there to recharge.

Keren Dibbens-Wyatt is a British contemplative writer with a passion for prayer and creativity. She writes to encourage others into finding and getting to know God more intimately, and to share the poetic ponderings of her heart. A Christian for over 30 years, Keren answered a call to a deep prayer relationship with the Lord, which has led to a gracious outpouring of stories, ideas, and wisdom. No stranger to difficulties, Keren has now had disabling myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.) for over two decades, often being housebound or using a wheelchair.

Keren is the author of the books “Whale Song: Choosing Life with Jonah”,  “Positive Sisterhood: Restoring the Integrity and Purpose of Christian Women”, and “Christian Prayers for the World”, all of which are available on Lulu.com, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Barnes and Noble. She has also written many short stories for adults, fiction for older children, and poetry among other things. Keren guest posts on spirituality at Godspace and other Christian sites. She enjoys painting in pastels, photography and crochet.

Having been given treasures every day for a year which were published on the web as The Manna Blog, the Lord’s second year of outpouring to Keren began here on 2nd April 2014 as the Garden of God’s Heart (now a book of the same name).

The third year of blogging began as a parable or short story each day and then from day 112 onwards it became a short piece of poetic prose based on the world around us called “The Landscape of Love”. Keren’s chronic health condition meant these did not get written every day but as energy permitted.

The fourth year was entitled “the Veil of Tears” and was a daily journey through some of the darker and more confusing verses of Scripture, seeking to find the glimmers of hope in the difficult and tragic parts of life.

In 2017, a new thread began called “Eye of Horus” which was a daily contemplative photograph and thought, on the theme of spiritual sight.  In 2018 there is a daily posting during Lent of a nugget or insight received in prayer, along with a photograph or piece of art.  All is gift and Keren seeks to represent the Lord’s heart faithfully so that others might be inspired to get to know the one who is love.


May you be blessed by the one who seeks your heart.

I have two websites if you would care to know my work better: www.kerendibbenswyatt.com and https://lakelight.org/


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