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Creating Encounter in Colour: Robin Redbreast

pen and wash robin from paul green pfa dec 2018 30 15 small

Your sacred heart emblazoned in scarlet feathers, a bib of tomato-soup brightness where the embers of the Christ-child’s fire were brushed just in time from your chest. Caught light inside though, where the chambers of love beat loudly, bursting into song that lifts us higher than we know how to be. Beauty given breath from beauty, catching us up into the heavenly realms, a foretaste of flight and joyful worship we can only approach in wonder, sidling towards an understanding like an opera fan listening at the stage door or Moses peeking at God’s glory from a cleft in the rock.


Text and artwork © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt  Painting inspired by a reference photo by Paul Green, with kind permission.  The text is an excerpt from my book of devotionals, Garden of God’s Heart.

160. Purple (colour 5)


Today’s piece is an excerpt from my book of devotions “Garden of God’s Heart” because I always think of azaleas when purple comes to mind.


“Like an alien welcomed onto English Victorian soil where most foreigners were spurned, your exotic blooms made their home here in the grey and green, shivering despite wearing your bright, crinkle-edged shawls. Whenever I turn a garden path and see you I am back at Manderley again, down by the Cornish shore, on high, blustery pathways looking out to Smugglers’ Bay, feeling mysterious and windswept.

Your Eastern hues confound us; saffron and amethyst, spice and depth that intoxicate and cheer those of us used to smaller, more subtle (more Anglican) displays of glory. We are learning to see this is not ostentation, but your own natural way, free from artfulness, not tightlipped or anxious like us, but careless, unconscious self-abandonment, true liberty despite edging a rectangle of manicured green; caged and domesticated, but free in your colour-saturated vivacity.”


text and photo © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017

Garden of God’s Heart is available on Amazon, Lulu, and the Barnes and Noble website.


Exciting News!

Garden cover for Web 2017 small

Dear friends, my new book, “Garden of God’s Heart” which is a beautiful set of 365 spiritual contemplations inspired by English gardens accompanied by black and white photos, is now available to buy from Amazon, Lulu or Barnes & Noble, along with my three other offerings, paperbacks: Positive Sisterhood; Whale Song: Choosing Life with Jonah; and FREE e-book, Christian Prayers for the World.

Jennifer Rees Larcombe, acclaimed author and speaker, has this to say in her Foreword to “Garden of God’s Heart,” by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt:

“There are books that are beautifully written, books that tell great stories, books that contain deep spiritual truths and books which speak grace to the heart. Rarely is there is a book that does all these.   This is such a book… I hope you will love it as much as I do.”




Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

If you would like to watch a short trailer for the book which includes my reading a line or two, then click this link…  https://youtu.be/aAzz-XGo-ks

Landscape of Love 92: Dual Carriageway


You going to A and I to B, and each in a rush to be at the other’s leaving. Do we storm like juggernauts over the road, juddering the macadam crust? Or like snails, softly gliding over shell, brushing against mollusc flesh, one of us raising our shell politely whilst the other tiptoes its tyres upside-down along the risky underneath? Do we trouble to see the world upside down for the sake of another’s easy passage, or only deal with the surface? Is what stands beside us a blur, whirring past, gone before it’s noticed, faster than the speed of retina? Or do we make sure to smell the blooms and cock our heads to the buzzing within them, catching glimpses of glory and blue-tailed flies?

Text and photo © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2016

200: End of Year 3

sunset 2 by 3rdworldman

So, dear and faithful readers, here we are again at the end of my blogging year. I first began on 2nd April 2013, writing snippets of wisdom and seeings that the Lord gave me. Those are now being collated into a book of 365 daily devotionals called “Manna from Heaven.” Year two gave us “The Garden of God’s Heart,” a set of poetic meditations.

During year three, my health took a downturn, and with that and family problems, I did not manage to write or post every day. Still though, 200 posts in a year is not so shabby, and this last year has given us 111 fables, which I will make into a collection called “Telling Tales,” and 86 pieces under the theme “Landscape of Love” which I may well continue with. But this coming year will bring something different, the Lord impressing upon me a desire to share a Bible verse a day, with a few thoughts. My thoughts being what they are, it may not be an exactly conventional journey….. but then, if you have stuck with me this far, you already know to expect something a little different…

Thank you for your likes, your shares, your comments and your followings. It means a great deal to me to know that people enjoy my writing, and that there is a demand for pieces that don’t sit well in the mould. Edges were made to overflow, and literary rules for breaking.

God bless you all, see you tomorrow for a new adventure!


195: Garden

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAGardens dotted along the line of your life are oases for us too. Where you placed us, and walked in the cool of evening, naming us and fashioning the first Designer clothes. Where your forehead oozed bitter blood, and you longed to sink deep into olive roots. Where you prayed and we slept. Where your death began with a kiss in the scented night air. Where you rested for a time and then awaited angelic hands to roll the millstone from around your neck, our sin borne and removed. And where you smiled at Mary and spoke her name and cartwheeled her heart and ours.


© Photo and text Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2016



175: Rope Bridge

175 wedhatted ropebridge MF

Dare I take the first step? Dare I lean, let my weight fall forward onto so much air, with only a board between us? Is there enough courage, enough momentum to cross this way? I do not know. Holding the twisted hemp, eyes closed, inching onwards, knowing the two islands must meet somewhere in the middle, over nothing. I keep on and shuffle, mindful of nothing but the movement, and the wind determined to shake my already faltering heart, limp limbs desperate to buckle, tears welling, only grim purpose and angels pushing me now.

Who hung this pendulum, this swaying, swinging cobweb thread? Who fastened each plank and took the leap of faith into calling this a bridge? What is so great about the other side anyway, that I must garner every molecule of bravery and swallow my faith so it pounds in my lungs? And will that other clifftop soon meet me with outstretched hand, coaxing me into its palm, promising me safety? Yes, it was that voice which beckoned me, that soft, still call of love. I slide my petrified feet and move ever closer to home.

© Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2016

Photo from morguefile.com