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88. Hippie (Empathy, Lent 29)

88 hippy

I’m rather a hippie myself up to point. I am a socialist, a pacifist and I feel a strong connection with nature. As a Christian, love is my watchword. But I am also fairly pragmatic, and try to follow a moral code which involves being faithful to my partner, and not taking drugs. So my kind of free love is a little different. But like many stereotypes, the hippy is so much more than the obvious things that spring to mind.

I truly want to be one with the earth and the trees. I express that in my paganism and my tree-hugging, my protesting against roads and my love of greenery of all kinds. Yes, I tie die my own tee shirts made from organic cotton. You may laugh at how well I fit the hippy mould, but for me it is a no brainer. Marijuana relaxes me and my friends, it is better than being uptight and obsessed with property markets and dress codes. Really for me, being a hippy is about community, and it is about wanting world peace. And that both these things start right where we are. That’s a better beginning than in a lot of churches I’ve seen.

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