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Heavenly Haiku 2

This one is dedicated to all¬†my fellow¬†C.S. Lewis fans, and especially to my friend Bev Wilson, a sister Fledgling. Thanks Bev for your friendship and your beauty that shines God’s light all around.



123: Beach

123 beach

Free and wild, newly released, here you stand still at first, on the edges of the ocean, where the sea meets the shore. What is there to do then, but close your brown eyes in wonder, let the salt tang whip through your mane, and bow your head, ready to charge at the future? Run, canter, gallop, the wet sand flying up behind you, the curves of tide seeping back and forth over your hoofmarks. Raise your neck and whinny in the pleasure of vast fresh horizons.

Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2015