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40. Out on a New Limb (hope)


This tree caught my contemplative eye yesterday. It’s clearly been harshly pruned at some point, and there is a new, smaller branch growing out of the larger, older one. It speaks to me of resurrection, of hope and new life coming out of suffering.

My parents are moving next week, and they will be starting new growth from a base of love which will hopefully be wider than it was before. But it is still a wrench, as so many necessary changes are. I hope they will soon be able to feel the peace and deep knowing that the harshness of the uprooting is supplanted by a new life that stretches out before them into the light.

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017


129: Depths

129 depths

Down in the turquoise blue I see shapes as I skim across the water like a winged stone. My dragon eyes pick out fossil, skeletal structures in waiting, impatient for flesh to find them. The framework is all given, ready for the making now that it has been glimpsed. For what are we all waiting for but life? And what are we all constructed of, but our inner workings? To be clothed in art, truth and glory, this is our destiny.

And meanwhile, we sit on the seabed, sleeping, on the rock shelf, straining to see beyond the meniscus. We need the mantle to be passed on, a wrapping, ravelling, a new skin, now that we are down to the bare bone.

Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2015