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200: End of Year 3

sunset 2 by 3rdworldman

So, dear and faithful readers, here we are again at the end of my blogging year. I first began on 2nd April 2013, writing snippets of wisdom and seeings that the Lord gave me. Those are now being collated into a book of 365 daily devotionals called “Manna from Heaven.” Year two gave us “The Garden of God’s Heart,” a set of poetic meditations.

During year three, my health took a downturn, and with that and family problems, I did not manage to write or post every day. Still though, 200 posts in a year is not so shabby, and this last year has given us 111 fables, which I will make into a collection called “Telling Tales,” and 86 pieces under the theme “Landscape of Love” which I may well continue with. But this coming year will bring something different, the Lord impressing upon me a desire to share a Bible verse a day, with a few thoughts. My thoughts being what they are, it may not be an exactly conventional journey….. but then, if you have stuck with me this far, you already know to expect something a little different…

Thank you for your likes, your shares, your comments and your followings. It means a great deal to me to know that people enjoy my writing, and that there is a demand for pieces that don’t sit well in the mould. Edges were made to overflow, and literary rules for breaking.

God bless you all, see you tomorrow for a new adventure!