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58. Specs (potential)


I need new glasses. I have got to that point where middle age has suddenly made all the print on packets and labels shrink so small that I can’t make it out at all. I have a magnifying glass slipped into my Bible, and it’s getting harder and harder to paint detail or read. Thank goodness in Word I can make the font as big as a house and nobody needs to know.

But as well as the physical energy required to have an eye test even at home (and that’s before I think about the cost), there is a little bit of fear mixed in to what new glasses and new sight might bring. What if it makes everything loom large and I can see all my mistakes in glorious detail? What if I don’t like this new, bright world that might appear? What if I prefer the way things look through a squint? I know these fears are daft, especially as I’m so fortunate as to live in a country where there is eye care so readily available, but any kind of new seeing has the potential to be both a good thing, and to bring new difficulties. Once you start to see clearly, it changes how you think. Jesus knew this, and spoke about the renewal of our spiritual sight often. Well, maybe it is time to embrace his words, and get the lamp of my soul seen to. Maybe a whole new vista will open up to me.

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017