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72. Troll (Empathy, Lent 13)

72 troll

I’ve seen a lot of trolling on social media this week, and sadly I don’t mean of the Round the Horne variety. Some people seem to take a perverse pleasure in people-baiting. I decided to give my imagination over today to wondering why.

Some people are so sure of themselves and I see how superior and self-righteous they are, they need taking down a peg or two. It is fun to poke them with a stick and see how far up it they will bite. Some won’t let go until they choke. It’s not cruel, they deserve it. My life is so full of pain that I need to goad others to let some of it out. It helps a bit to be nasty and swear and torment. If I didn’t do it on the computer I’d maybe get my air rifle out and go shoot some birds. Then they’d really have something to whine about. Why? They’re just birds. None of it means anything. These people with the comfortable mind sets and the pretend love of the “politically correct” garbage are so full of crap. I hate them. They are like piñatas just waiting for me to whack hard, I love finding out where the fault lines are, where they crack open like shells. It’s all bull.

Photo and text © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt 2017

NB I know that Moomins are nice “trolls”, that’s why I chose them. Also a nice troll (if you like mad songs stuck in your head, is this Troll Song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkTb9GP9lVI